Tax Law

Giulitto Law Office located in Ravenna, Ohio has an experienced competent lawyer who handles personal federal, state and local income tax preparation.  Attorney Gerrit denHeijer has extensive experience in preparing all returns.  He charges a flat rate for most preparation services.  Mr. denHeijer started preparing returns with his father at Charles denHeijer, CPA, Inc.  Mr. denHeijer Sr. is an accountant and has been in the tax business for over thirty years.  Senior taught Junior everything he knows about preparing returns!!!

Many try to go it alone and file using computer software.  Not only is this time consuming, it can lead to disastrous results such as overlooked benefits and improperly prepared returns.  This can lead to an audit or leaving substantial money on the table.  Further, only the most basic returns are free.  The more schedules necessary, the more expensive it is to use the software.

Others will get their return prepared at chain tax return shops.  Unfortunately, the people preparing the return do not have advanced degrees (such as attorney or account) and can make serious errors.  These places also are very expensive.

Mr. denHeijer prepares tax returns at a flat rate.  You will find his rates very competitive or even cheaper than software or chain stores. Call today for a free quote.

Mr. denHeijer is also licensed to practice in the United States Tax Court and can assist taxpayers in  litigation.  This is necessary when the taxpayer disagrees with an audit.  Specific procedures must be followed to protect your rights.  The code is very specific as to timelines and procedures to assert your rights in the Tax Court.  An attorney is essential if you wish to fight the IRS.