Probation Violations

Giuitto Law Office located in Ravenna, Ohio has an experienced lawyer who handles probation violations in all Portage County Courts including the Portage County Court of Common Pleas, Ravenna Municipal Court and Kent Municipal Court.

Attorney Michael Giulitto has been assisting defendants charged with probation violations for over 20 years. Violations occur when a defendant who has been convicted of a crime violates the terms of their probation.

Probation is a set of rules or conditions that need to be followed, either as punishment for committing a crime, or to avoid a more severe punishment for committing a crime.

Each state has its own laws on how probation works, but in general, it:

  • Usually is available only as a punishment for minor crimes (called misdemeanors) and first-time or juvenile offenders. In other words, if you have a long criminal record or commit a very serious crime (most felonies), like kidnapping, you probably won’t get probation.
  • May be all or part of a criminal sentence. For example, your sentence could be six months’ probation. Or, it could be 30 days in jail, and when that time is up, six months’ probation.
  • May require you to meet regularly with an assigned probation officer.
  • May require only that you do certain things, like attend drug or alcohol abuse counseling, without the need of meeting periodically with a probation officer
  • Usually lasts for three to five years, but shorter periods are common for first time and very minor crimes.
  • May or may not require you to wear a monitoring device (like an ankle bracelet).
  • More common for defendants convicted of non-violent crimes to receive probation – even on second. offenses – as jails and prisons suffer from overcrowding and state and local governments struggle with their budgets.

Being charged with a violation can lead to serious consequences including jail time. Contact Attorney Giulitto for a free consultation today if you are charged with violating your probation.