Personal Injury

Giulitto Law Office located in Ravenna, Ohio has an experienced competent lawyer who handles personal injuries for individuals in Portage County, Ravenna, Kent and all surrounding areas.

Many personal injury cases involve auto accidents. If you are hurt in an auto accident you may be entitled to compensation. Liability is the first issue to be looked at. If the other driver is at-fault, their insurance carrier will be responsible for many of your damages. If one or more drivers are at fault, Ohio’s comparative negligence statute will apply. In that case, damages are apportioned on a percentage basis. For example if it is determined that the other driver is 60% at fault, that driver’s insurance carrier would be responsible for 60% of the damages. If the insurance company and the injured party cannot agree on liability, a court proceeding with a trial is necessary.

Once liability is determined, the issue of damages must be resolved. Unfortunately, this is seldom a straightforward issue. The insurance company’s job is to resolve the claim in a manner most favorable to the insurance company. Our job is to fight for the best possible result for the injured party.

A good guide to auto insurance in Ohio is set forth below:

Other areas of personal injury law involve slip and fall cases. If you are injured at a business or someone’s home and it is not your fault, you may be entitled to damages.

Unfortunately, Ohio recently enacted tort reform that is generally viewed as favorable to insurance companies. Also, the Ohio Supreme Court has issued decisions that have limited Plaintiff’s recoveries. These factors make it all the more important to have an experienced lawyer protect your interests.

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