Giulitto Law Office is a full service law firm in Ravenna, Ohio.  Contact our office to schedule a free consultation.

Our firm handles divorces with children, divorces without children, dissolutions, custody cases, child visitation cases, child support cases,  paternity cases, enforcement of court orders (contempt) and modification of court orders, criminal cases,  expungements, tax preparations and disputes, probate and estate law, preparation of wills, civil litigation, evictions, personal injury and much more.  If we cannot handle your legal issue, we will refer you to a quality attorney who does.

Our office provides clients with quality and affordable legal representation.  Our office practices mainly in Portage County and will handle cases in the surrounding area. A FREE CONSULTATION is available to help you with your decision

It is vital that you have an experienced lawyer to handle your legal matter.   Please click on the link on this page to learn a little more about your legal matter.  As you will see, if you are dealing with a legal matter an experienced lawyer is invaluable.

Our office is located in the heart of Portage County right by the courthouse at 222 West Main Street, Ravenna, Ohio.

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