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The most common ways of ending a marriage are dissolution and divorce.  This page talks about dissolution.  See the divorce page for more information regarding a divorce.  Marriages can also be terminated by two seldom used procedures- legal separation and annulment.

Dissolution occurs when the parties resolve all outstanding issues before filing anything with the court.  This process is usually faster, less expensive and more amicable than a divorce.  The parties must agree on all issues including the division of their property and debt, allocate parental rights and responsibilities (custody), resolve child and spousal support issues, tax exemptions, attorneys’ fees, court costs, and any other relevant matters.

You can buy forms from Legal Zoom or a retail store at a low price, but this is not recommended.  The boilerplate agreement may not represent your wishes and you’ll likely end up back in court.  Or the agreement will not be approved by the court.  Have a lawyer sit down and go over your options.  The attorney’s fees are inexpensive because there is no litigation.  Our office can frequently offer a flat fee.

A dissolution can be prepared by one attorney.  However, it is important to remember that the attorney who prepares the paperwork cannot represent both Husband and Wife. The attorney can only ethically represent one party.  The other party should be given an opportunity to consult with a lawyer of their choice to review the agreement.

Once all the paperwork is prepared and filed with the court, only one court hearing is necessary.  Before the hearing, the court will review the agreement to determine if it complies with Ohio law.  If the documents are acceptable, the hearing will be short.  After the hearing, the dissolution is finalized.  Keep in mind, that the court retains jurisdiction over custody, child support and spousal support (if the separation agreement specifically allows the court to retain jurisdiction).  This is another reason why an experienced lawyer is critical in drafting the dissolution documents.

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