Legal Fees

Giulitto Law Office handles legal fees in two ways.  The first is a flat fee.  A flat fee is a one time payment that covers the entire representation.  Some cases that may be handled on a flat fee basis would be a dissolution, agreed custody paperwork, some criminal matters and contract drafting services.

The second type of fee is hourly.  Each of our attorneys has an hourly rate.  The client would pay an upfront retainer.  The attorney would then keep track of their time and the retainer would be applied against the final bill.  Some cases are charged by the hour because it is difficult to predict the amount of time the attorney will spend on the case.  Some examples of cases where clients would be billed hourly would be contested divorces, contested custody cases, civil litigation and other types of contested matters.

Our attorneys work diligently at the initial consultation to explain our fees.  When you decide to retain our firm, a fee agreement is signed explaining the nature of our fees.  We strive to provide quality representation at an affordable price.

If you cannot afford Giulitto Law Office or another private attorney, it is suggested that you contact Portage County Legal Aid.  They offer low cost or free legal services to those that qualify.  Also, if you are charged with a crime or are involved in a children’s services case, you have a right to court-appointed counsel if you financially qualify.