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Unfortunately, foreclosures are all too common these days. A foreclosure crisis occurred during the financial crisis of 2008. While the situation has improved, there are still many individuals who are danger of losing their home.

Banks file a complaint to initiate a foreclosure lawsuit. They then must serve the homeowner with notice of the lawsuit. This is often done by certified mail or a process server. Once service is perfected, the clock starts ticking. The homeowner has only 28 days to respond to the lawsuit by filing an answer. An answer is a very important legal document which will affect the lawsuit. Unfortunately, all too often the defendant does not respond within the time frame. The bank can then obtain a default judgment and foreclose on the home. Once judgment is issued, the home will be auctioned at sheriff’s sale. Once the sale is confirmed, it is often too late for the homeowner. Even more troubling, the home often sells for less than the mortgage and the homeowner is liable for the deficiency.

However, if the defendant obtains a lawyer, their options are much greater. The terms of the loan may be modified to keep the homeowner in the home. Portage County offers a foreclosure mediation program. Sometimes there are defenses to the foreclosure which can led to a favorable outcome. But none of this is possible if the bank obtains a default judgment.

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