Giulitto Law Office located in Ravenna, Ohio has an experienced DUI attorney assisting individuals charged with Driving Under The Influence in Portage County, Ravenna, Kent and all surrounding areas.

If you are charged with this offense in Portage County, Ohio, including Kent and Ravenna, you need an experienced competent attorney. Contact criminal defense lawyer Michael Giulitto today to discuss your case. Michael Giulitto has been defending criminal defendants charged with DUIs in Portage County, Ohio for over twenty years. He has vast experience in handling misdemeanor DUIs in the Kent Municipal Court or the Ravenna Municipal or felony DUI which occur in the Portage County Court of Common Pleas in Ravenna, Ohio.

This area of the law is incredibly complex. Our lawyer will examine the state’s case in a variety of ways. The police officer first must have a valid reason for stopping the driver. From there, the state must establish the proper legal standards in investigating the DUI. An attorney may determine that the police officer did not follow the law and a motion to suppress may be appropriate. The state must also show they used the proper procedures in conducting sobriety tests.

The state’s case typically relies on complex scientific evidence to prove the defendant was intoxicated while operating a motor vehicle. A good experienced lawyer will assist you in determining whether the state’s evidence is reliable.

The penalties for Driving Under The Influence are severe and complex. In addition to potential jail time, the defendant’s driving license will be affected. The chart below shows how complicated penalties are and how serious they are:


Contact DUI defense lawyer Michael Giulitto if you charged with a DUI in Portage County, Ohio. Attorney Giulitto has over 20 years of experience in assisting individuals charged with Driving Under The Influence. Contact our office today.